The Global Warming Propaganda Machine at Work

All of These Stories Are Post-Hurricane Ida
"Never let a crisis go to waste." It has been both predictable and amusing watching Big Climate's propaganda machine at work since Hurricane Ida. Climate propagandist plus serial lawsuit filer (and loser) Michael Mann (above) is proposing that we will have to create a Cat 6 hurricane as part of the Saffir-Simpson Scale. Of course, that isn't needed because the Scale already provides for intense hurricanes like Ida, which is currently rated a Cat 4. Mann's article is pure propaganda for people who don't understand how the Scale works.

Let's talk about some of these other articles.
This story isn't just about global warming, it is intended to try to help the Democrats pass their gigantic "welfare for the rich" 'infrastructure' bill in the disguise of green energy. Never mind that energy shortages are
WSJ, Sunday, Sept 19
already being forecasted for this winter (remember the blackouts in February?), in part because of our over-dependence on wind energy. We are utter fools if we extend our dangerous dependence on wind. 

These stories are planted by Big Climate's Madison Avenue public 

relations consultants as well as by university climate public relations research groups that I have called the "Donald Draper School of Meteorology." They use the same marketing techniques as companies that sell cigarettes. Remember, trillions of dollars are spent on global warming and Big Climate wants ever more, regardless of whether it actually helps the environment. 

My 'favorite' (sarc) is the one below.
The opinion article came with a caption that says, 

Remember, the Bible tell us God sent swarms of locusts to punish mankind.

Of course, the Bible says no such thing. God sent the locusts to punish Pharaoh and the Egyptians for holding the Israelites in slavery and restricting their freedoms. There is nothing in Exodus that says God punishes "mankind" for 'environmental sins'. I am a practicing Catholic and have written that Pope Francis should not be getting involved in the global warming debate in the manner in which he has chosen to do so.

No question earth's temperatures are warmer now than 60 years ago. But, the climate models continue to overstate the amount of warming likely to occur. Big Climate and the mainstream media make sure you are not told the beneficial aspects of a warmer climate like,
  • Record per-capita and total food supplies. Meteorological famine is nearly a thing of the past.
  • On a net basis, less energy is used worldwide.
  • On a net basis, fewer people die of exposure.
  • Violent tornadoes in the United States are less frequent (USA is the only nation for which we have sufficient data). Other storms have not gotten worse with the possible exception that heavy rainstorms have a slight additional amount of rain. 
Now, you know these "news" stories are not coincidences or even legitimate news. They are planted by rich, powerful climate and environmental groups with a goal of making the rich, even richer.


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