Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Chaplain Father Emil Kapaun Laid to Rest

Holy hordes descended on downtown Wichita this afternoon as a military procession carried the remains of Medal of Honor winner, and future official saint of the Catholic Church, Father Emil Kapaun to his final resting place.

Father Kapaun's procession included full military honors.
Father Kapaun's flag-draped coffin was carried into his final resting place which is Wichita's Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. 

Below, Fr. Kapaun's coffin disappears into the Cathedral.
The interment ceremony was for Fr. Kapaun's family and fellow prisoners of war (now in their 90's). He will be placed in a tomb inside the Cathedral. Anyone can worship and offer prayers for his intercession with God starting tomorrow. Of course, the Cathedral is open to all.

If you didn't get to watch the funeral, it can be viewed here. It begins with the only known recording of his voice and a commemorative history of his life. Another outstanding story is here

But, if you do nothing else, listen to this testimonial -- written by one of Fr. Kapaun's fellow prisoners in the Chinese death camp in attendance at the funeral Mass -- delivered at the end of the ceremony. It gives you a small taste of the heroism and greatness of Father Kapaun. 

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