Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Literally Zero Wind Power in Texas Today

Following up on yesterday's ERCOT posting, the above graph is stunning. There is virtually no wind power being generated in Texas at this time. Thousands of wind turbines -- installed at a cost of tens of billions of dollars -- doing absolutely nothing. 

And it is worse than the graph indicates. The top of this graph is 9,500 megawatts. The total wind capacity in Texas is 20,000+ megawatts!

Had the money been spent on nuclear plants, Texas would have plenty of electricity on hot days (wind energy fails when it is extremely hot and extremely cold -- when it is needed the most). 

Wind energy is an expensive joke imposed on the ratepayers of Texas, Kansas and many other states that is doing nothing to decarbonize energy.

Warren Buffett, hardly a political conservative, has said the only reason to install wind mills is for the tax subsidy. It is past time for Congress to end these ridiculous subsidies and for states to impose a moratorium on wind energy installations. 

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