Fake Science: Contrails and Global Warming

Condensation trails ("contrails") from jet engines are not some nefarious scheme to control the weather. 
Contrails are just the exhaust from the combustion that occurs within the engine. 

With the minor exception of cloud seeding in mountains, humans do not know how to control the weather. That is why the Governor of Utah requested prayers this weekend to end their drought. If something is in the provenance of God, petitioning Him makes a great deal of sense. 

However, author Naomi Wolf got banned from Twitter a few days ago for "spreading 

misinformation" -- a ban I do not support. Free speech is a bedrock American principle. The cure for misinformation is more information. Had she not been banned, a meteorologist could have gently corrected her. Now, she will likely be upset and dig in her heels. 

The same is true with Yale's announcement last week that it was going to disassociate with people spreading "misinformation" about climate. 
Remember the Twitter and Facebook "misinformation" bans of a year ago pertaining to the speculation that the Wuhan lab released the coronavirus? Turns out the 'misinformation' was correct. One would think the censors would have learned from that embarrassment. Regardless, the very last thing a university (especially one that receives federal tax dollars) should be doing is banning discussion of highly contested science like global warming. That serves no one. 

I'm so old that I remember when Americans took pride from proclaiming, I disagree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it! 

While I know that Yale indoctrinates teaches students climate communications and derives considerable funding from its climate communications department, how can they proselytize "about climate with those holding different worldviews" if they ban those with those other views from speaking?
If the global warming 'consensus' (a word that has nothing to do with science) is so fragile it cannot withstand debate, it says much more about the consensus and its acolytes than it does the critics. 


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