Likelihood of Serious Flash Flooding in South Texas - UPDATE 5:30pm

Here are today's rainfall amounts to 5pm. Reds are more than 3.5 inches. Deep reds are more than five inches.

Moderate to heavy rain (yellow to red) continues to fall east of I-35. Radar as of 5:30pm.
There have already been several reports of flash flooding. 

I'll provide any additional updates on Twitter @usweatherexpert. 

-- Original Posting --

I'm posting this because there is no flash flood watch out for this region and I think it is important information. 
I've plotted the area most at risk for more than six inches of rain in spots in purple over a map of the radar at 1:06pm. Already more than 4" have fallen near Sandy Oaks with heavy rains continuing to fall. There is a chance that some areas may receive eight inches!

The soils in the area are already saturated because of locally heavy rains in May. 

This is a potentially major flash flood situation. Do not cross flooded areas by foot or by car. Make sure you have a plan to evacuate to higher ground on short notice. 


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