The Next Time Someone Tells You Global Warming Is Bad...

I've had people criticize me for not writing about the negative effects of a changing climate frequently enough. They may have a point. But, hardly a week goes by without the mainstream media discussing -- usually in exaggerated terms -- catastrophic climate change. They almost never talk about the advantages of a warmer climate. I'm trying to provide balance. 
...explain they are not entirely correct. Yes, there are real issues to deal with as a result of a changing climate. However, so far, global warming has been a net positive for the world.

As we have previously discussed,
  • Record per capita and total food supplies.
  • The near absence of meteorological famine. 
  • Less total energy expended on heating and cooling.
  • Lower worldwide exposure mortality (cold kills seven times more than heat).
  • Prior to COVID, the lowest rate of extreme poverty in the history of the world.
  • No increase in hurricanes or drought; decrease in violent tornadoes. 
Should we de-carbonize energy production? Yes! That should be done primarily through nuclear energy as wind (especially) is unreliable and, in large amounts, destabilizes the electric grid. 

Should we build a more resilient society? Absolutely! But, that is a meritorious goal regardless of climate change. 


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