Monday, June 14, 2021

Maybe the CEO of ERCOT Could Go Out and Blow on a Wind Turbine!

With a temperature of 93° and a heat index of 100° in Austin, Texas' electricity regulator, ERCOT, put out a "reduce energy use" message this afternoon.
Hmmm. I think we've been here before. 

One of their problems is that wind energy is performing at 10% of capacity (below; the top of the graph would be 30,000 if all was well) today. Tomorrow, gulp, it is predicted to be at 6%!!

None of this would be necessary if the tens of billions spent on wind energy in Texas had been spent on nuclear or natural gas generation. Wind energy tends to fail when it is needed most: when it is very hot or when it is very cold.
How does Texas fix the problem? Maybe the CEO of ERCOT could go outside and blow on a wind turbine!

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