Monday, June 14, 2021

Article: "The Sad Truth About Traditional Environmentalism"

We've discussed many times that Big Climate wants a political issue more than it wants genuine progress on decarbonizing energy. Now, an outstanding piece has been published that lays this out in detail. Two key excerpts pertaining to Big Climate:

The element of nuclear energy however has long been rejected by most of the major green groups, including Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth globally, the RSPB in the UK (which allowed a gas plant on one of their reserves but is protesting a nuclear plant on another), and the Sierra Club in the USA. Some individual scientists and activists have joined them in calling for 100 percent renewable grids without nuclear power despite the fact that it is not feasible—in fact only five countries with large electrical grids have low carbon emissions and they rely on constant large-scale hydropower and nuclear energy, with a little intermittent solar and wind power on top...

Herein lies the rub. The very same groups that claim to fight for the wellbeing of our planet—the NRDC dubs itself “Earth’s best defense”—are pushing for and achieving policies that are actually the opposite to effective climate action. And because they are well established as “green” groups, they get a pass. They don’t get criticised. They get funded. It’s business as usual, for them. What they are calling for—wishful thinking with renewable technology that requires baseload power that almost always ends up being fossil fuels—does not get called “greenwashing” even though that’s exactly what it is.

Yup. The entire article, written by an environmentalist who finally realized that renewables get us nowhere, is at the orange link. 

And, this article explains -- in terrifying details -- what Big Climate has in store for the rest of us. It is required reading. 

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