Tuesday, February 16, 2021

One Week Ago Yesterday...

 ...this was the 6-10 day forecast from the National Weather Service. 

And, from my blog, on Saturday,
Credit to Joe Bastardi for the hurricane analogy

Now, from this afternoon's news. First, from the mayor of Houston,

Via The Weather Channel:
Please keep in mind that Galveston is on the coast. If there is good reason to believe there are 20-50 exposure deaths there, what might it be like farther north? Unlike a hurricane or tornado where first responders know which homes to search, it is impossible to know from the outside which homes may contain people in serious distress due to cold. We may still be a long way off from knowing the full extent of this disaster.  

While Texas Representative Crenshaw, and others, have called for an investigation, it is difficult to understand how so much could have gone so wrong with weather forecasts clearly calling for extreme cold and for wetter than average conditions. 

I cannot help but wonder if this was yet another time the weather forecasts were ignored. Hopefully, there will be an impartial investigation.

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