Thoughts About My Genesis G80

Since Tiger Woods' terrible crash in a Genesis GV80, I've been asked -- many times -- what I think of my Genesis G80. Tiger was driving the 2021 GV80 which is the hatchback version. I have a 2020 G80 which is pictured above and I have driven the 2021 version. 

I grew up in a Ford family. My grandfather, father, and brothers and sisters were part of my family of Ford dealers. Ford was one of our major clients at AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions. I was very happy with my Taurus sedans. Unfortunately, Ford decided to stop making sedans so I shopped elsewhere. After test driving cars all over Wichita, I decided to purchase the Genesis. 

Now, to answer the questions I have been asked, in no order,

  • It drives and rides better than any car I've ever driven. As an extremely frequent car renter for business (Hertz's President's Circle), I've driven more than a dozen makes of cars. The G80 is the best. I also was impressed by the G90. 
  • While the ride is great, the #1 reason I purchased the G80 was its incredible safety features. I'm very impressed by those and, yes, I frequently use the intelligent cruise control that has been mentioned in several articles. It is great. 
  • The warranty is one of the best in the industry.
  • Genesis' "connected services" is fine and I've used it once. It is good that the car can connect with them, in case of emergency, without using my cell phone. That said, I can take or leave that type of service.
  • Genesis brings you a loaner when your car is getting an oil change or other maintenance. They bring your car back freshly cleaned, inside and out.
  • Finally, my dealer, Genesis of Wichita, is just incredible. Highly recommended. 
I purchase cars for the long haul. I had my last Taurus for seven years before I was struck by a hit-and-run driver. I plan to keep the G80 for a long time and, so far, it appears to be an excellent value. 


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