The Next Major Winter Storm

Radar at 2pm depicts the snow (blue) and freezing rain (salmon) beginning to form over west Texas. It is starting to move east northeast. 

Freezing Rain Forecast 

This is the forecast for freezing rain amounts. The Sperry-Piltz Index indicates that scattered ice-related power failures, lasting a few days, will likely occur from central Texas into southeast Arkansas, and perhaps into far northwest Louisiana. Note: these forecast power failures are different than those currently plaguing Texas.

There is also the potential for power failures over West Virginia and northern North Carolina. 


As much of this snow is forecast to fall in regions where snow removal and treatment equipment is scarce to nonexistent. That means that south of the Ohio River, there will be major travel disruptions.

Current Snow Cover
Above as of midnight. This is the greatest extent of snow cover in the Lower 48 since this database was created in 2003. 

Note: As I have been covering, nearly non-stop, this unprecedented weather since Saturday afternoon, I am going to take a break for a few hours. 


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