Sunday, February 7, 2021

Congratulations, Tampa Bay Bucs

Congratulations, Tampa!! 

Two things can be simultaneously true:

  • Tampa played great and deserved to win.
  • The officiating was the worst I have ever seen in a Super Bowl and it was clearly one-sided against the Chiefs.
One note on the game: I thought Mahomes played great. The images below are from a 4th quarter, 4th down pass by Patrick. He throws it while horizontal! It hits Darrel Williams in the face and bounces off. 
This would have led to a touchdown if he had caught the ball.

If you look closely, you can see the ball between his
hands and his facemask. CBS Sports.

The precision with which he was able to deliver the ball while flying horizontally through the air may be the greatest incomplete pass in the history of the NFL.

I also wish to congratulate on the NFL playing its season in the face of COVID. 

Addition: Patrick's horizontal throw from another angle. Wow.

And, Sports Illustrated has it from behind. The entire throwing motion occurred while he was horizontal in the air. There aren't words.....

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