Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Rush Limbaugh, Rest in Peace

Rush was a self-made man who loved America and the American dream. 
May he rest in peace. 

I stumbled onto the Rush Limbaugh Show by accident. 

I was driving through western Kansas to give a speech in August, 1988, and was listening to our client radio station out of Garden City, KS. The brand new Rush Limbaugh Show (it was his first week) came on. While I’d never heard of him, I was instantly charmed. He was giving voice to conservative -- as opposed to traditional Republican — ideas. Other than Ronald Reagan, most conservatives of the era were rather dour. The Rush Limbaugh Show was upbeat and highly entertaining. I became an instant fan. We were both Missouri boys born in the early 1950's and even worked for the same radio station in Kansas City at different times.  

Rush was the quintessential American success story and the embodiment of the American dream. He will never be replaced. 

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