Thanks To Meteorologists Across the United States

In order to launch this evening's weather balloon (look inside the "inflation shack"), a path has to be shoveled so it can be taken far enough outside that -- when launched -- the instrument package and parachute carried by the balloon will clear the building. This occurred about two hours ago at the National Weather Service in Little Rock. 

Meteorologists across our nation are working ridiculous hours, and in some cases sleeping at the office, in order to provide, just today:
  • Tornado warnings
  • Tornado watches
  • Ice storm warnings
  • Winter storm warnings
  • Extreme cold warnings 
  • Special marine warnings 
  • Avalanche warnings 
  • Flood warnings 
  • High wind warnings
Home destroyed by tornado in Damascus, Georgia, this afternoon. 

The United States has weather that is more extreme than any other nation on earth. Public and private sector meteorologists are working incredibly hard to keep up with this unprecedented weather situation. 
The above map depicts weather watches, advisories and warnings as of 7:40pm CST. So, if you know a meteorologist, please thank them because this winter weather crisis is nowhere near over. 


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