Comprehensive Storm Update: 11:50am EST

There is a significant risk of tornadoes in the yellow area.

It includes New Orleans. Please monitor the weather in this area throughout the day. 

With regard to the winter storm, here is a summary of National Weather Service warnings and watches:

Color code:
  • Purple = ice storm warning
  • Pink = winter storm warning
  • Dark green (New England) = winter storm watch
  • Blue = winter weather advisory (lesser condition than a warning)
  • Green = freezing fog advisory

Here is where the freezing rain and subsequent icing will be worst.

And, here is a forecast of snow amounts. The pinks start at six inches. 

To focus in on the Northeast, here is a more specific snow forecast:

To help you time the arrival of the storm, here is a very useful tool from AccuWeather.

Here is the radar as of 11:38am.
Blues are falling snow with darker shades indicating heavier snow. Salmon colors are freezing rain. Greens are ordinary rain. 


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