Winter Storm Update, 5:10pm Sunday

 Here is the map of winter weather warnings as of 5pm. 

Here is the color key:
  • Purple, ice storm warning
  • Pink, winter storm warning
  • Dark green, winter storm watch 
  • Bright blue, avalanche warning 
  • Pale blue and blue-gray, extreme cold warnings.
  • Greens are flood advisories
There are accidents everywhere which validates our pleadings no to try to travel through this morning. This from Oklahoma.

In Texas, state officials are pleading with people to conserve power. There are reports that lights are flashing on and off in homes.
Wind turbines are a terrible way to make electricity. It will get worse during the night. 
Wind turbines fail during extreme cold due to ice on the blades and due to winds of less than 6 mph which is less than their threshold of operation. Natural gas, nuclear and coal do not have these problems. 

Now, Kansas. Another state which stupidly has made heavy investments in windmills for electricity. 
And, conditions are not "unprecedented." December, 1982, had the coldest two weeks in the history of the state. 


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