Sunday Story for Black History Month

Dockum was the first civil rights sit-in
Dockum Sit-In Memorial

Two of the most important milestones in the civil rights movement occurred in Kansas. They were Brown v Board of Education in Topeka and the Dockum Sit-In in Wichita. The former is well known and well documented. The latter was the first civil rights sit-in but is barely known nationally. I've often wondered if that was because it was both non-violent and successful. Not only were the Dockum Rexall Drug Stores in Wichita opened to blacks, the entire Rexall Chain (a big deal in that era) in Kansas desegregated. I highly recommend this piece on the sit-in. 

The building that contained the lunch counter is pictured above. The memorial is in a "pocket park" a few steps to the west. Next time you are in Wichita, it is well worth a visit. 


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