Thursday, February 21, 2013

11:40am Update: I-70 Closure

Interstate 70 was just closed west of Salina. We are also getting reports of a "whiteout" on I-70 near Columbia, MO. I would consider I-70 from St. Louis to Colorado as nearly impassible and suggest not driving it if at all possible.

The Country Club Plaza area of Kansas City is a high-end development and well maintained, yet cars are stuck even on main streets. Reminder: State of emergency in Kansas City and a driving ban is in place in Topeka.
Fox 41, Kansas City, photo of Country Club Plaza
Here is the radar as of 11:30am:

Believe Wichita will receive another 1 to 2 inches with 3, perhaps, in isolated spots. There is about a foot of snow (on average) across the city.

The ice storm in southwest Missouri has only produced "isolated" power outages so far. I just checked northwest Arkansas and the news, so far, is the same.

UPDATE at Noon: All roads in Salina Co. (Salina, where I-70 and I-135 intersect) "should be considered closed" according to the Kansas Highway Patrol via KSNW TV.

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