Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Here It Comes! 8am Winter Storm Update

AccuWeather Regional Radar at 7:47am:

An overview of National Weather Service watches and warnings:
Deep purple (Arkansas) is an ice storm warning; power failures may occur. Pink is a winter storm warning. Deep green is a winter storm watch. Blue is a winter weather advisory (lesser condition).  Pale blue is a wind chill advisory.

Here is the snow accumulation forecast:

Yes, that is as much as 15" in central and western Kansas. I fully expect I-70, I-135, U.S. 81, U.S. 83, and U.S. 50 may be closed at some point during this storm.

Freezing Rain

Here are the most likely amounts of freezing rain (glaze ice):

There is a small area of quarter-inch accumulations in northwest Arkansas that may lead to power failures. The entire green area will have slick and difficult driving conditions.

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