Serious Issues in U.S. Weather Satellite Program

The excellent forecasts for the Blizzard of '13, Blizzard of Oz, Hattiesburg Tornado, and (hopefully excellent) the pending Plains Blizzard and all of the other storms we have deal with rely, in no small part, on weather satellite data.

As we have discussed on a number of occasions, there may be gaps in our weather satellite coverage. The U.S. Government Accountability Office has a brand new, and comprehensive, report here.

There is a tremendous amount of nonsense coming out of Washington where it appears they are going to hold the nation hostage (i.e., because the F.A.A. is going to lose 2% of its budget, it will furlough air traffic controllers rather than pencil pushers) rather than do things in an intelligent manner. If you believe accurate weather forecasts and storm warnings are important, it is time to let Congress and the Administration know you support state-of-the-art infrastructure for the nation's weather enterprise.

Had a bad link to GAO, now fixed. Thank you.


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