10:50am Blizzard Update

Here is the current AccuWeather radar composite:
The radar is over-estimating in the city of Wichita, just a few flurries at the moment. However, snow will be moving over most of the area by noon.


These amounts do not overlap. If snow is indicated at your location on more than one map, you must add the amounts to get a "storm total."

To help you time the storm at your location: Here is the predicted snow from 6am this morning to 6pm this evening. Yes, that is more than 15 inches in northwest Oklahoma! Fierce blizzard conditions will make travel very dangerous with possible life-threatening consequences.

From 6pm this evening to 6am Tuesday morning:

Again, that is 15" in 12 hours near Ft. Scott, Kansas. If this is correct, very heavy snow in the far south reaches of KC Metro (Lees Summit, Pleasant Hill, Belton, Stillwell but more moderate amounts toward KCI.

Finally, from 6am Tuesday to 6pm Tuesday (see scale above). Yes, Chicago could get a nuisance snow storm.


At 6pm CST winds will be gusting to 50 to 55 mph in the amber area near the Kansas-Oklahoma border. Winds will be rapidly increasing in western Missouri.

By midnight tonight, winds will be gusting to 40 to, perhaps, 45 mph near the Kansas-Missouri border (colors do not correspond because these are winds above sea level).

Tuesday morning, winds will be gusting to 40 mph with very heavy snow in northeast Missouri. St. Louis is going to have brisk winds but only light snow.

No updates till late afternoon or early evening. Additional details from AccuWeather.

Update: 11:09am. Snow began at the Smith House (northeast Wichita) at 11:08am. For the skeptics, the timing forecast below appeared on the blog yesterday afternoon:
Amarillo, TX has 13", still snowing, drifts 3 to 4 feet. All roads Texas Panhandle are closed.

Elk City (western Oklahoma on I-40) has eight inches and still snowing hard. I-40 will likely be closed in western Oklahoma if it hasn't been already. Still don't have an update from Woodward in northwest Oklahoma but they had eight inches at 8am and snowing hard. 


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