Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blizzard of Oz II Preparations

Facebook via Susan Peters
Via Facebook, two friends have told me that the big chain stores in Wichita are out of both bread and milk. They have also told me that a smaller, Oklahoma-based chain still had both in stock, at least at the stores they visited.

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions advises some of the largest retailers in the United States to insure that inventory balances with weather-driven demand. Give us a call!


  1. Any updates on when you expect the storm to begin impacting the Wichita metro area?

  2. Ed Stetzer, a pastor and director of research for Lifeway, always wonders why stores run out of bread, milk, and eggs when a big weather event is coming? What is it about these kinds of events that make people want french toast so badly?


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