Thursday, February 21, 2013

Other Than That, The Story Was Accurate

I watched ABC's and CBS's national news tonight to see their coverage of the Blizzard of Oz. Wow, what a difference.

ABC's Ginger Zee did her usual accurate and well-presented reporting. She even managed to capture the sound of thunder snow in Topeka. She also talked about the economic value of the snow to agriculture.

CBS had a local Kansas City television meteorologist who talked about the video below of thundersnow which came from the Wichita NWS's security camera. Unfortunately, he implied it was from northeast Kansas. Then, anchor Scott Pelley told us that thundersnow was caused when hot and cold air come together. That explanation is so sophomoric, it was misleading.

For many years, I have suggested that people find the most competent meteorologist and stick with him or her. This comparison reiterated the value of that strategy when it comes to news reporting about weather.

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