Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Looming Crisis in Weather Satellites

This blog has commented many times (see here for the most recent) on the looming crisis in the NOAA weather satellite program.  As Hurricane Sandy was moving toward the U.S., the New York Times ran this story.

Now, NOAA is soliciting suggestions for the best way get through this crisis. If you have something to contribute, click here.

It is impossible to overstate how critical weather satellites are to modern forecasting and storm warnings. The satellites in the 21st century do far more than take photographs of clouds. They measure ocean waves, sense temperature and humidity in data sparse areas, and even help find lost people through NOAA's search and rescue service.

As I say in the first link, this is rapidly becoming a national security issue. Stop spending money on nude machines are airports and divert those funds into something truly valuable for all citizens.

Hat tip: Dr. Marshall Shephard

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