Saturday, November 10, 2012

Storm Summary

Update: 6:32pm. Hoisington, KS reports 1.75" hail driven by 60 mph winds. This can cause significant damage. Make sure cars are in garage and items that can be blown about are brought indoors. 

Original posting:

A severe thunderstorm watch continues until 11pm CST. Remember, severe thunderstorm = large hail and damaging winds. We have had hail reports of 1" and confirmed reports of 70 mph winds. More are expected.

Here are two radar shapshots of the strongest storms. First, central Kansas.

And, in Nebraska.
Yellow polygons = severe thunderstorm warnings.

Remember: There is a lightning hazard with all thunderstorms. 

These storms have forward speeds of 50+mph in places, so they move in very quickly. 

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