If You Have Friends Without Power in the "Sandy" Disaster Area

Please make sure you get them this information:

November 5 near West Milford, NJ via mobile

Thank you!! Thank you!!! Power is back on!!! 
With a wake up call, had our extension cords, coffee pot sitting on electric stove and somehow a burner was turned on. When the power went on, burner heated up and caught cords and the coffee pot on fire..thank God we were home and Jennifer is a trained firefighter...as I panicked, she put it out...we could have lost our house by the power we were wishing that would come back on!!!

It never occurred to me to post rule number one of extended power failures: Turn off everything except one or two lights (so you'll know when power is restored).

Big hat tip to: James Magyar

Another friend emailed me today about generators. There have been at least two cases of serious carbon monoxide poisoning from improper use of generators. Generators should always be professionally installed not just from an electrical safety standpoint but also from the point of view of proper venting and safe fueling.


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