Why NOAA is Not Telling the Truth?

USA Today's new article about the Sandy Assessment mess was just brought to my attention. It is available here.

It is unfortunate the spokeswoman for NOAA choses to state things that are not true:
"Never set in stone"?

Facts: I can provide the email approving the team, the team's charter, and even the accounting codes we were given for expense reimbursement! The team was approved and we had begun work.

I don't understand NOAA's behavior throughout this unfortunate incident and why they have decided to raise even more questions by stating things that are not true.


  1. But Mike, Ms. Buchanan wouldn't misrepresent the facts. Just like she didn't misrepresent the facts regarding changing the subject line (or completely starting a new thread) on my e-mails to her about HURRICANE Sandy.

    This whole situation really stinks to high heaven. If it looks like a pig and smells like a pig, it's most likely a pig...


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