Monday, July 23, 2012

Yes, This is Kansas!

The Gypsum Hills of Kansas Saturday.

U.S. 160 west of Medicine Lodge:

Salt Fork of Arkansas River and cliffs in the midday sun.

Clever use of solar energy to water cattle.

During your visit, have lunch at Buster's in Sun City with real cowboys. Yes, the ranches in the area have brands (jump down to final photo for an example) and there are chairs with the ranches' brands.

The Lazy K brand of the Merrill Ranch in Wilmore. The cattle here roam the open fencing them in.
While we love Wichita, Kansas City, and our other cities, this is genuine cowboy country about 50 mi. southeast of Dodge City.

It is an area of unexpectedly spectacular scenery. The photos above are mine. You can see even more photography from the region here.

Update: August 6, 2012. Via Facebook, am told Busters has closed don't know if it is temporary or permanent. I would call first before heading that way.

Second update: Busters is open. The food and service are GREAT. You've got to visit if you are in the area!


  1. Having lived much of my younger days in the Flint Hills, and now in the Rosedale section of KC near the top of the hill that looks down on Turkey Creek, (descending that hill in icy weather is... interesting) I always laugh at the people who talk about how flat they think KS is.

  2. My mother went to Rosedale High and I know the area of which you speak.

    The unfortunate thing about Kansas is that the major highways, with the exception of the Turnpike in the Flint Hills, go through the least interesting parts of the state.

    The Gypsum Hills feature spectacular scenery, great hunting, and very friendly people. If there was a major highway, I believe it could be turned into a major tourism area.

  3. The road down the hill from Rosedale (now Middle School) is almost as bad as Mission Road.

    To be fair to KDOT, when you're building a major highway, you want the terrain to be as "uninteresting" as possible, so that you spend less money on blasting hills and building up valleys to get a relatively flat grade. Having seen what a PITA MoDOT had to deal with widening US-65 between Springfield and Branson makes me glad we didn't have to do much of that kind of work to build our Interstates.


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