Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Concern About the Electric Grid

From a former Director of the CIA:

The electric grid is the heart of our ability to function as a society. We have 18 major infrastructures that keep our civilization operating — water, sewage, telecommunications, transportation, etc. All 17 of the others depend in one way or another on electricity. Imagine what it would be like for an electrical outage to last for months or years as a result of a cyber- or terrorist attack instead of merely for days.
Without electricity, we are not just back in the pre-Web 1970s, we are back in the pre-grid 1870s. Very few of us have enough plow horses or manual water pumps.
It is not just cyberattacks as described in the article; whether it is storms, a solar Carrington Event, or an EMP attack, our electric grid is woefully unprepared. Let's stop spending money on the ridiculous TSA and start spending money on genuine, major threats.

I was very pleased that one of the network news shows recently showed how to use an inverter hooked into your car's cigarette lighter as a small-scale emergency generator. It showed it being used to recharge a laptop or cell phone which it will do well. It will also periodically run a small refrigerator to keep crucial medicine cool. I strongly recommend as much self-sufficiency as you can afford. That said, it is no substitute for a hardened and modernized electric grid.

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