Saturday, July 14, 2012

Complain and Thou Shall Receive

Last night I posted this map showing the location of my house and complained how everyone was going to get rain but us...

The dot is my house.
So, tonight, guess where we have a severe thunderstorm warning (amber polygon)??

However, if you compare very closely, you see the polygon (yellow, below) is just north of my house (blue symbol). The storm is moving SSW.

One concern: See the golfers? The severe thunderstorm is in the background with possible lighting and 60 mph winds. As I snapped the photo, they seemed to be heading to their cart and, hopefully, to the clubhouse. Never be on a golf course when thunderstorms threaten. Thunder = head in. 

NOTE: Was just made aware of this headline via Johnny Kelly's Twitter:
Take lightning seriously! The full story is here.

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