Another "Tipping Point:" The Global Warming Nonsense Never Stops

This time we have 12 years to prevent climate disaster.

Two years ago, it was "100 days to save the world." We're still here. And, two years ago, the goal was limiting warming to 2° to save the world (the "two°" in the graphic). Now, it is a 1.5° goal because temperatures are not climbing nearly enough to exceed the two degree value and without lowering the goal they couldn't even claim there is a crisis.

In 2013, we published the article below, Tipsy From Tipping Points:
Every one of these (and more) represented some 'scientist(s)' proclaiming another "tipping point" that we didn't dare pass without destroying the earth. Of course, it is 5+ years later and we are here and doing fine.

Come on!

I suspect that one of the many institutes for global warming 'communications' (e.g., here) did a focus group a decade or so ago and found "tipping point" tested well. The problem is they have gone way past the point of diminishing returns -- no one believes these artificial deadlines any more -- with good reason. Even non-scientist Al Gore admits the IPCC's reports have been "torqued up" (exaggerated). You will never see one of the global warming beat journalists admit any of this even though it would help their credibility to do so. They see their mission as convincing you the world needs saving rather than straight reporting.

It would be refreshing to see this nonsense stop.

If you want a great discussion that gets to the truth of both the science and politics of the global warming issue, go here. It is well worth the 37 minutes you will invest to view it. Otherwise, read the media's global warming coverage with a giant grain of salt.

hat tip: WattsUpWithThat

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Here is the temperature trend as of September 30. At this rate, the world's temperatures will rise roughly 1°C/100 years. This is below the latest catastrophe goal of 1.5° and way below the 2° goal.

No sign of catastrophe.


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