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Weather science achieved another remarkable result with the warnings pertaining to Hurricane Michael.  But, how did the warning system that saves so many lives come to be? My first book, Warnings, answers that question.

Yesterday morning, I received a call from an accountant (person who lives in our neighborhood) who was nearly finished reading Warnings and couldn't say enough good things about it. It is easy-to-read and, while 100% factual, it is written in the form of a suspense novel. 

Based on the reviews, both books are well worth your time.
You can read all of the Amazon reviews here. Here are a couple:
Click to read in its entirety

And, my book about the Joplin tornado and how the warning system 
tragically failed that Sunday.
From one of the survivors:
Mr. Smith's timeline and reporting of the warnings received is spot-on. 
The book is a short read but it makes his points clearly 
understandable. My son and I are alive because of my own gut instinct 
that came from living in Joplin since I was nine. Neither the Joplin 
emergency management nor the NWS played any role...

...I do remember that I was switched over to a TWC show that I had no 
interest in watching that offered a written scrolling warning at the bottom 
of my TV screen. What I read was that the storm was travelling 
northeast and that Carl junction was in its path. Despite the reassur-
ance from TWS and NWS I did what I always did in bad weather, go 
judge for myself. There were NO sirens when my son and I took shelter 
at our apartment complex at 21st and Connecticut. There was only 
gray skies, weird vibes and the sense of doom.

Another factor that I believe played a role in the number of deaths is 
the simple fact that it was a warm late Sunday afternoon in a small city 
surrounded by smaller communities. People come to Joplin to shop, 
eat, go to the movies, etc. When looking at the long list of obituaries 
well after the storm, I thought it was notable that many of the deaths 
were of people who lived outside of town. I wonder how many were 
killed in businesses they were seeking shelter in.

This is a well-written book and I encourage anyone who is concerned 
about the risks of tornados or who, like myself, is still trying to put 
together the pieces of what happened to us that day to read.

I wrote the book because I wanted to do what I could to help insure 
a failure like the one in Joplin never occurs again. You will find many 
negative reviews of the book by people associated directly 
or indirectly with the National Weather Service. Unfortunately, they have 
yet to come togrips with the failure of their warnings that afternoon. Every one 
of the survivors' reviews (the people who lived through it) are 5-star. 

The paper copies of the book sold out very quickly. I priced the ebook at a
very low price ($2.99) so everyone could read it and judge for themselves.
To read more reviews or purchase a copy, go here


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