11:10pm EDT Hurricane Michael Update

Satellite image 11:02pm EDT
The storm has strengthened the last six hours. I have started to see some lightning bolts on the north side of the developing eyewall. That is often a sign that strengthening is continuing or increasing in magnitude. During the last 30 minutes an eye has begun to reform (it disappeared for a while). Current wind speed is 90 mph. Barometric pressure is 970 mb.

The wind speed at the time of landfall is expected to be 120 mph with higher gusts possible. The extreme winds, as earlier indicated (see below), will extend farther inland than usual causing power failures and downed trees over a large area. Wind gusts of 80 mph are likely over southwest Georgia.

The storm surge will be a killer for those who do not evacuate. It is highly dangerous. Follow evacuation advice!

The predicted path has not changed.
Amber is the area of tropical storm force winds. Brown is hurricane force. Red is the hurricane warning.

Scroll down for hurricane safety recommendations.


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