Sunday Fun: "But I Only Read It For the Articles!"

When Playboy was popular, the classic rationalization for reading it was that it had "great articles."

Now, (hat tip, Watts Up With That) comes a peer-reviewed social science "study" that is about "breasturants" (Hooters, Twin Peaks, etc.) and how men behave in them. The Playboy rationalization came to mind when I read the author was male and he did not conduct anonymous surveys or conduct social science research in generally accepted ways. Here is the basis of the study:
A "participant-observer" study is a highfalutin' way of saying he hung out a lot at Hooters.

And, while I hate to use the term "highfalutin'" twice in two sentences, that is an accurate way to describe the paper's title.
Since I'm a scientist, also, where do I sign up for a paid two-year gig "observing" at Hooters or Twin Peaks?


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