4:05 pm CDT Tuesday Heavy Rain + Flood Threat Update

After reviewing the latest data, I am even more concerned about a major heavy rain event with accompanying flooding. While it is still impossible to pick a single spot at highest risk, the area in red is a high confidence forecast of the region that should be concerned.

Much of the area will receive at least three inches of rain. There will be some spots that receive more than ten inches. The intermittent rains will begin late Thursday or early Friday, depending on location. The above map is valid until Friday, October 12.

What Do I Do Now?
  • Dam operators may wish to consider lowering the water level to maximum flood pool.
  • People in flood-prone areas should prepare a "go-kit." This includes passport, recent utility bill (to establish residence), family heirlooms, and other portable items. Be prepared for an evacuation order. 
  • Keep your car full or nearly full of fuel. 
  • Have some extra cash. 

ADDITION: 4PM. The NWS has come up with a similar forecast. This is for the next seven days. 


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