Thursday, October 6, 2016

We Need Some Humor This Afternoon: MSM Coverage of Climate Agreement

We need a little humor in this situation with a major hurricane heading for Florida and a tornado watch in the Great Plains. NBC's Ron Allen said the agreement signed by President Obama this morning "is designed to stop" storms like Matthew.

The MSM's coverage of weather-related issues has long been atrocious but this is a new low. The climate agreement most certainly will not stop storms like Hurricane Matthew (how I wish it was that easy!).

I will make a climate prediction with a near 100% chance of it being correct. In a couple of days at the photos and videos of the damage reach their peak, the usual suspects (Climate Central, ClimateNexus, etc.) will issue press releases blaming Matthew on global warming -- even though the U.S. has gone a record 11 years since the last time we had a storm of this nature.

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  1. MSNBC reporter Ron Allen under fire for claiming Obama’s Paris climate change agreement is designed to STOP storms like Matthew.


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