Friday, October 7, 2016

Hurricane Matthew: 10am CDT Friday Update

From Twitter a few minutes ago: Daytona Beach yesterday versus today.
What you are seeing on the right is storm surge in action. The weather stations at the Daytona Beach airport has been knocked out by the storm.

The eye of Matthew at 9:51C/10:51E is shown below. It is skimming the coast. If it was just 15 mi. farther west, it would be catastrophic.
As it is, 300,000 600,000 homes and businesses are without power this morning. The map below shows how electrical crews from various utilities are being routed into the Southeast to help restore power.

Yes, there are already people complaining about the forecast. Here are 125 mph winds just off the coast.
While storm warnings/forecasts have improved tremendously, we do not have the reliability where we can say winds capable of catastrophic damage will stay 15 mi. away.

So, what s next for Matthew?
Max winds are 120-125 mph with slow weakening expected. Hurricane warnings (red) are out as far north as the southern North Carolina coast.

Flooding rains are likely.

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