Sunday Fun: Global Warming, Is There Anything It Can't Do!?

Wasn't it just two years ago that global warming was going to cause warmer winters? By George, yes it was! In fact, two years ago, the NYT was telling us it was "the end of snow."
Well, there is one thing about which we can be sure: The Science Is Settled!

ADDITION: A friend sent this 5-year old article.
In 2011, [Un]Scientific American wrote that Category 6 hurricanes were coming "soon." It is five years later. Haven't happened. Guess the science wasn't settled after all


  1. Global Warming sounds like one of those old patent medicines: "Friends, Dr. Gore's Miracle Elixir will cure what ails ya'! Arthritis, tendonitis, appendicitis; myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia; it can cure your cancer, make you a better dancer, and romancer!"

  2. For those who quip about global warming not being real, if you do your research you'll realize that global warming is a cause. The effect is not necessarily "warming". The effect is the inability of the Earth to maintain the same weather patterns and severity that we've become accustomed to. This results in higher severity of everything from droughts to floods, from extreme heat to extreme cold, from reasonable storms to far more severe storms. Melting polar caps and glaciers cause ocean temps to fall and their level to rise. The ecosystem that exists between the oceans and the atmosphere is a primary factor in driving the effect of global warming. The atmosphere will naturally fluctuate over time, even without the industrial revolution, but the gases emitted in greater and greater abundance from population growth and the industry and food sources necessary to maintain greater populations definitely accelerates and possibly amplifies the natural occurrence. Weaker atmosphere causes greater solar radiant wave penetration. This causes ice caps to melt. The inability of diminishing ice caps to reflect the radiant waves of the sun cause changes. Similar to wearing a winter hat to keep heat from escaping your body, the reduction of the size of the polar ice cap causes the Earth to have trouble regulating it's own temperature. No one says this is entirely mankind's fault. It's merely that mankind has accelerated a natural process. A process that can lead to varying levels of ice ages which will cause dramatic population and industry reduction along the way. The reduction of these causes enables the atmosphere to recover to its more stable state. This science is settled and the result is inevitable. The only question is time. These facts are not to instill panic. They are merely facts. You can choose to ignore them, but to call them a hoax or snake oil is just irresponsible to those who genuinely need or want to learn.


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