"World to End Tomorrow, Women and Minorities Most Affected"

The title of this piece is from the old saw about the headline the New York Times would use to announce the end of the world. I was reminded of that when I saw the headline below(h/t Anthony Watts).
The story is so silly I am reluctant to link to it, but here it is. It begins that Bangladesh has had flooding and cyclones (aka, hurricanes) in recent years. That is as newsworthy as saying the United State has had tornadoes and flooding in recent years. Those storms have always been part of the climate of Bangladesh. As to blaming global warming for child marriage, that makes as much sense as blaming it for prostitution (oh, wait, California Rep. Barbara Lee did just that).

The horrors forecast by climate 'science' the last two decades have not come to pass. So, they are increasingly desperate to find something, anything to blame on global warming. Meanwhile, more people are worried about clowns than global warming.


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