Friday, October 28, 2016

Aircraft Fire Reports

FedEx at Ft. Lauderdale
Via Twitter

There is a ground stop; no planes may take off for Ft. Lauderdale. 
That plane caught fire on landing.

American Airlines at O'Hare
Via Twitter
There has been an incident at O'Hare. From what I can determine, an American Airlines plane blew a tire on take-off and somehow caught fire. NBCChicago is reporting that everyone evacuated safely. There is ground stop in effect for O'Hare, meaning no planes can take off for O'Hare at the moment This may inconvenience people headed to the World Series, but the important thing is the passengers are reported safe.

Weather does not appear to be a factor: South at 13 mph with high clouds and good visibility.

Photo below via FlightAlerts.

Here is the audio of the incident where ATC tells all aircraft on the ground at O'Hare to stop.

The audio of American 383 (the plane that caught fire), click here.

There is now a report that seven have been taken to the hospital for injuries during the evacuation. The injuries are reported to be minor.

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