Friday, August 29, 2014

A Brilliant Posting By Climate Scientist Dr. Judith Curry

I agree with every word.

ADDITION: And, she follows it up with another. A couple of excerpts:

In summary, these articles provide a stark picture of the dangers to science of groupthink and intimidation of science with non-consensus views.  In my opinion, climate science is suffering badly from these.
According to Ziman, “A sure symptom of non-science is personal abuse and intolerance of the views of one scholar by another.”


  1. Mike,

    I was monitoring the temps yesterday and didn't see the high get over 84 but they show yesterdays high to be 89. What did you observe?

  2. Don,
    Official high at Mid-Continent was 81°. However, the AW high for your location is computed using a temperature grid unless you are very close to an official station. Mike

  3. Mike,

    My office is near downtown Wichita. As you can see the "official high" according to was 89 deg.

  4. All of this is done out of our State College office to it. I have forwarded the comments.

  5. The high was 89 at McConnell AFB yesterday and that's likely the source of Donn's high for yesterday. Admittedly it may be a better choice to use the station of record, KICT, for "official" highs and lows for the entire Wichita area.


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