Precautionary Reminder: Hurricane Iselle

Latest satellite image:
If Iselle maintains hurricane strength, it will be the first hurricane ever to hit the Island of Hawaii. I expect major problems on Hawaii and, possibly, Maui County islands. See my island-by-island list of effects and precautions below.

Here are my predicted wind speeds:
On all islands, bring in outdoor furniture, trampolines, grills and other items that can be blown about. Put your car in the garage or under the carport.

Here is my island-by-island breakdown:
  • Hawaii
Widespread power failures and flooding. Hilo and Wailea may lose power for several days or even a week. Highway 11 may be washed out in places with many washouts of secondary roads. Many roads will be blocked by fallen trees. Boarding up windows, especially in the higher elevations, may be advisable. 
  • Maui
Widespread flooding and scattered power failures. Hana may be cut off by flooding for several days. Higher elevations may lose power for up to a week. Some roads will be blocked by fallen trees. 
  • Lanai
Widespread power failures. Some roads may be washed out. 

  • Molokai
Scattered power failures and flooding.

  • Oahu
Widespread flooding on the east side of the island including Honolulu and Kailua. H-2 and H-3 may be washed out in places and H-1 may be washed out east of Pearl City. Highway 72 will likely have washouts in places.  Scattered power failures are possible. The closest approach to Honolulu of the center of the storm will be around noon Friday. 
  • Kauai 
Flooding possible on east side of Island; not expected on west side of island based on current path. Highways 50 and 56 may be washed out in places including Lihue and Kapaa. 

AND, here are the precautions to take
  • Go to the bank or ATM and plenty of extra cash.
  • Get prescriptions refilled. Power could be out more than a week if Julio also strikes. 
  • Make provisions for any medicines that must be chilled or that require special handling.
  • Full cars' fuel tanks.
  • Keep cell phones and other electronics charged.
  • If you have a generator, test it before it is needed.
  • If you do not have a generator, consider getting a power inverter that can be used with your automobile to keep your cell phone charged, a radio charged and, if necessary, a small refrigerator for medicines that must be chilled.
This will be the last precautionary advisory as any precautions not completed so be done as soon as possible before the weather deteriorates. 


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