More Hurricane Nonsense

This graphic is from a television station's forecast alleging they can forecast the location of a hurricane more than a week from now. I'm not showing the entire graphic because I do not wish to give any publicity to this -- and much more -- nonsense on Facebook and Twitter the last 24 hours.

As the National Hurricane Center put it earlier today:
Perhaps because it has been a record-calm hurricane season* in the Atlantic so far perhaps inducing boredom, the number of nonsense hurricane forecasts the last two days is off the charts.
Facebook earlier today
While a hurricane might occur somewhere in the Atlantic next week (no way to know at this point) the ECMWF, the single most accurate meteorological model, shows no hurricane anywhere in the Atlantic, Gulf or Caribbean the next ten days.

My advice: Don't sweat it. And, consider unfollowing or unfriending these people on Twitter and Facebook.

* Ever notice how the global warming cult never talks about the record scarcity of major hurricanes affecting the United States?


  1. *The global warming...err climate change...cult keep repeating "Sandy" as evidence of climate change. Pretty soon, they will cite the scarcity of hurricanes hitting the US as evidence of climate change.


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