Sunday Fun: Forecaster Evie Teaches Physics

Remember high school physics and the "inclined plane"? 
For today's generation of high schoolers beginning the fall semester, Forecaster Evie provides this demonstration of the utility of the inclined plane.
  1. Evie wanted pizza put into her bowl. To make it easier to get the pizza, you see her assess the situation.
  2. She decides the best way to get her bowl to the pizza is to use an inclined plane.
  3. Her first attempt is unsuccessful because she is grasping both the box and the bowl. She chuckles at her mistake.
  4. She deliberately repositions the bowl and creates the inclined plane.
  5. The bowl reaches the pizza for loading. She chuckles at the success of her plan.
Of course, in physics class they talk about loading trucks, railcars, etc. Evie prefers the simpler approach and uses a bowl for this demonstration. 

Have a great school year!!!


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