Sunday, March 24, 2013

12:40am Sunday Snow Storm Update

Much as I would prefer to keep the Shockers' victory the lead story, there is a major winter storm that needs an update. 
Photo taken in northeast Wichita at 12:20am. It is snowing hard in northeast Wichita with the wind picking up. We have about 1.5" inches on the ground at the Smith House. I still think we will end up with about 4 to 6"sticking. Temperatures (melting) is extremely tricky with this one. I think an additional inch or two may fall but those may melt.

AccuWeather Regional Radar at 12:15am shows the storm continuing to gain in intensity and it is still moving east. At this time, Derby, KS (south suburb of Wichita) reports 1" on the ground and roads "a complete mess."
The darker blue is the heavy snow.  Of course, this is a winterized radar display. The NWS dual polarization radar did an outstanding job of indicating the heavy snow developing in southern Kansas.

The non-winterized forecast radar for 8am looks like this. For all intents and purposes and green in Kansas and Missouri will be heavy snow.

With the above radar images in mind, here is the forecast snowfall from three hours ago until 7am CDT:

Here is the forecast additional snow (see scale below) from 7am to 7pm Sunday.

And, from 7pm Sunday to 7am Monday. Note: None of these accumulation maps overlap.

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