The Media Finally Catches On -- But Not in the U.S.

 If climate scientists were credit-rating agencies, 
climate sensitivity would be on negative watch.
                         -- "The Economist"

While the U.S. media continues to run ridiculous stories that the earth is "heating up," newspapers in other parts of the world are finally running the story that global warming stopped a long time ago.
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The sentence at the bottom says, The fact that global surface temperatures have not followed the expected global warming pattern is now widely accepted. The entire story is here.

The widely respected The Economist, which has been frustratingly shrill on the topic of global warming, more or less prints a retraction. That story is here
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It is a shame the U.S. media continues to beat a broken drum. It is undisputed by reputable scientists that temperatures in 2013 are far lower than they were predicted to be and that temperatures have been flat since 1998. 


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