0.1% Picked Wichita State For Final Four

According to CBS, only one-tenth of one percent of the brackets had Wichita State making the Final Four. One of the reasons we have done so well is because we have been below everyone's radar. I don't know how others feel, but the TV coverage today was so biased in favor of Ohio State it was absurd at times. But that is OK with me. It works to our advantage. 

The team was plagued by injuries this season and the five starters in the Tournament had not played much together much until the last couple of weeks. Those of us in Wichita knew that. But, because the national media tends to be pretty provincial, they simply did not realize how good this team is. On the other hand, I my daughter was in Vegas a week ago tonight (the night the Shockers played #1 ranked Gonzaga) and I asked her to put down a bet on WSU to win (not just cover the spread). I was that confident. My $50 turned into $120. 

The referees tonight clearly made some pro-OSU calls (like not calling the flagrant foul on Carl Hall) but the team kept its composure and won. 

I would not be surprised if they go all the way. Regardless, this is a team that reflects its coach: Great character, great professionalism, and great talent. Wichita is a terrific city (I am not a native) and the Shockers are terrific ambassadors. Too often in life, the good guys don't win. That is why this is so sweet. 

Thank you for reading. Hope you'll join us in cheering on the Shockers Saturday.


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