Monday, February 21, 2011

Jim Inhofe Ambush Interview

A lot of journalists like to do "ambush" interviews where they try to catch a person off guard and ask controversial questions in hopes they will say something that makes them look bad. Here, 'journalist' Mark Hertsgaard ambushes Sen. Inhofe in the halls of Congress.

Hertsgaard says at the beginning he is with Politico (an on-line D.C. publication specializing in politics). He was making that up,
“Mr. Hertsgaard is not a POLITICO reporter or employee and we have asked him not to portray himself as one,” Berman wrote in an email to TheDC." [Daily Caller]

Hertsgaard also brought a couple of young women from the "Alliance for Climate Protection" to ask questions and make statements with a goal of making Sen. Inhofe look heartless.

Sen. Inhofe conducted himself very well (I would not have had his patience with them). I encourage you to watch the video so you can see this type of technique in use.

Hertsgaard is a professional environmental activist with who, according the the four biographies I have read (including his own web site), has no background in science. He is the author of books and articles like, "What Climate Activists Could Learn from the Anti-Slavery Movement."

One of the reasons I wanted to bring this to you is because of the phony question about "98% of scientists" and "if 98 doctors tell me I need an operation" comments. The "98%" refers to an online poll conducted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science of its members (only). The vast majority of AAAS members are not meteorologists!

Meteorologists and geologists -- the people who actually study weather and the earth are the most skeptical when it comes to "global warming."  Beliefs held by biologists, medical doctors, and PhD's in sociology have no more weight when it comes to atmospheric science than my opinion on plant epidemiology.

Hat tip: "Daily Caller."


  1. It's inhofe, not imhofe. We're glad he's our senator here in Oklahoma!


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