Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Upcoming Presentations and Signings

My next few presentations are always on display over at the Mike Smith Enterprises, LLC web site, but here they are for easy viewing. All dates 2011.
  • Rotary Club of El Dorado, Kansas, noon, March 2
  • American Meteorological Society, Ft. Worth, 7pm, March 10
  • Texas Severe Weather Conference, book sale and signing, 9am, Colleyville (Ft. Worth), Texas, March 12
  • Rotary Club of Beaumont, TX, noon, March 30
  • Property and Casualty Insurance industry meeting, Las Vegas, 1:30pm, April 4
  • Rotary Club of St. Louis, noon, May 26th
I'll post more info on each a few days before each presentation or signing.  


  1. Hello Mike,

    Was wondering if you might be interested in discussing how your weather analysis might be used for sailboat racing? We do a number of long distance races in which trend predictions make a big difference. And I thought it might be fun for you/us to try.

    I have been following your blog via RSS for a while. I found it through google. I enjoy your weather maps and discussions very much.

    You can reach me at

  2. Thanks so much, and yes it sounds like fun, but I don't know anything about sailboat racing. I'm a Great Plains guy.

    Thanks, anyway!



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