Thursday, February 24, 2011

TSA's Latest Outrage

I have been sitting on this story for several days because I simply could not believe it. I thought it might be a plant to make those of us who believe the TSA has evolved into a travesty look foolish for running it.

However, now that it has been reported by Drudge, Gizmodo, and others, here goes..

The TSA searched all of the passengers coming off an Amtrak train in Savannah. Keep in mind the TSA has no arrest powers (they have to call the local police to make an arrest) and they have no authority over drugs, etc. Their sole mission is safety of transportation.

In the photo above (a screen capture of a cell phone video at about the :40 mark) the TSA agent seems to be searching in the groin area of a 9-year old boy with his right hand. The entire video, about 55 seconds, is here.

If you look through some of the comments on my other TSA postings, you see the sentiment expressed by TSA apologists, "you don't have to fly." I reply with, they are checking people boarding trains and buses and they are setting up roadblocks for autos.  But, this reaches a new level of stupidity. They are leaving the train!

This is America. Since when to we have to put up with being searched, without probably cause, to travel??!!  Don't tell me it is to keep us "safe," they are leaving the train. 

Plus, do we really want to teach our children that public groping -- for no apparent reason and by an agency that likely does not have the legal authority to do this (they are coming off the train!) -- is something appropriate?

Have you written your congresspersons?  I have.

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